What Does The Name Harrington Mean?


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Harrington is both a surname and a name given to places. It is used both in England and Ireland. In England it is popularly used as a name for places. It is found used in Cumbria where it is taken from the Old English word "Haferingtun" meaning "settlement" or "he goat". The one used in Lincolnshire is supposed to mean "settlement" and is also of Old English origin. The Harrington used in Northamptonshire is believed to be of Old English origin as well and is supposed to mean a "stony place" or "gray wood". As a name Harrington in England is believed to be of Old English origin and is derived from the name "Heathuhere". The Irish version of the surname Harrington is believed to mean "mighty" and "powerful" or alternately "member of the assembly".

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