What Is The Meaning Of The Name Sonja


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  Sonja is the Scandanavian spelling of Sonia, an English name in origin.  Other spellings include Sonya, Sonni, Sonja.  All derive ultimately from Sophia, which was Greek originally.

  Sophia means "wisdom". Sophia was the name of the Greek Goddess of wisdom.  The legend of Sophia is that she tried to help humanity but was repeatedly ignored.  Yet she still hangs around, trying to help (read more).

  Moreover, the Goddess Sophia was incorporated quite thoroughly into some early Christian ideologies. She may be regarded as an early fusion of pagan and Christian icons, in some of the many Christian sects that were jostling to become dominant 2000 years ago.  For instance in the Gnostic Christian writings there is a complicated legend about a Greek character named Sophia, who is an allegory for all lost souls who are saved by Christ (read more).

  Famous living "Sonja"s currently include the Queen of Norway, and skater Sonja Henie.

  Similar and sometimes related names include Xena, Zona and Ansonia.
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My name is Sonja and I'm proud of it.Yet still I haven't find where it comes from.I heard examples like scandinavian,russian,greek,german but I wonder whats the truth answer.Can you say it to me ?

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