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Bitch is a female dog and is a canine animal. The word bitch is generally used by people for a woman who is mean or haughty. Use of such a word is considered offensive. A woman who has coarse etiquettes is also termed 'bitch'. This word 'bitch' is also used in relation to man. A man who is weak and contemptible is considered 'bitch'. When complaining to someone the complaint made is called bitch. Bitch could also mean something which is unpleasant or difficult to do or face.

When someone is bitching, he is actually complaining or grumbling over some unpleasant or difficult circumstances. The word 'bitch' is used as a verb here. It can also mean 'to whine' or 'to grouch'. The endings that the verb takes are: bitch-ed, bitch-ing, and bitch-es. Another meaning for the verb 'bitch' is 'to botch or bungle or mess or ruin'.
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I think it means a female dog which barks bark comes from trees and trees are nature and nature is beatiful
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Swaraajk is completely right. Although my friends say that if you call someone a bitch you are calling them beautiful. But don't let that confuse you.

A bitch is a female dog
dogs bark
bark is a part of a tree
trees are nature
nature is beautiful
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The word means female dog , a offensive word to people 
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Girl dog
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A bitch is someone who is mean, self centered, a whore and stuff like that. A biach is the same thing as bitch -I  have been called both.

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Bitch is a female dog.
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Someone who everyone else are jealous of because they arent strong enough
to face the fact bitches rule this world.

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