What Does Conflict Mean?


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A conflict can be defined as an open clash, dispute, disagreement, violation of laws or rules or argument that takes place between two people or groups of people who have opposing views on a particular issue. A conflict is said to occur if a person experiences two opposite feelings simultaneously, which is also known as a double mind or a dilemma.

Usually conflicts leads to indecision and turmoil in the mind of the individual. Opposing military forces who are engaged in combat or battle are also said to be in a state of conflict. Two events or dates may conflict with each other, but the person who experiences such a conflict must be prepared to sacrifice one of these in favour of the one which is higher in priority.

Conflict is also a verb, which means to be in a state of conflict. Authors, especially those who write fiction, employ this technique in their writings to show the opposition between two characters. This technique often thickens the plot of the fictional work.
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Conflict is part of life that cames after mis understand of the human life such as times of mariage between men and women
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Doe it ever occur to fat or maby even death?
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Conflict is a big disagreement. For example, if I didn't like some shoes they were selling in nine west and my sister did , that's a conflict.
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its when your heart likes ice cream and your head likes oreo.. Thats conflict.. :))

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'Conflict' is a relative term which has a range of possible connotations. In general it would denote a state of open, frequently prolonged fighting. Thus it could imply a battle or war. It could mean a clash. In this sense it could mean a state of disharmony existing between persons, possibly ideas, or even interests which are incompatible or antithetical.

In Psychology the term is typically used to refer to a psychic struggle, frequently unconscious, which is caused by opposition or coincident functioning of certain mutually exclusive desires or impulses or even tendencies. In drama or fiction, the term would characteristically mean opposition between its characters or forces; in particular opposition motivating or shaping the story of the plot.

As an intransitive verb it would mean to be in or possibly come into opposition. An archaic usage would mean to engage in warfare.
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It is a situation in which people, groups or countries are involved
in a serious disagreement or argument.
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I see it as being a difference of opinions between two people, two countries etc....the best to you
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Conflict is when there is a perceived, imagined and/or even real disagreement or attitude or opposition of needs, values, interests or any item that is deemed not fair or satisfactory between two parties, a group, organization or oneself.

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