What Is Pinocytosis?


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Pinocytosis is the process by which living cells absorb liquids. It is different yet similar to Phagocytosis where the cells absorb solid matter.

Pinocytosis is a process that is occurring constantly, as most cells need in a sense to hydrate. The membrane of the cell will wrap or attach itself to a drop and gradually pinch it into the cells interior. The vesicles are then absorbed by the cell into the cytosol.

All cells go through the process of pinocytosis. The process is one of everyday life and though it involves the entire cell to perform the task, it rarely requires the cell to go hunting for drops.

Pinocytosis is a process of endocytosis and is also known as cell drinking. The cells have to utilize adenosine triphosphates as an energy source to complete the process of Pinocytosis.

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