What Does Caustic Mean?


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  1. Capable of burning, corroding, dissolving, or eating away by chemical action.
  2. Corrosive and bitingly trenchant; cutting. See synonyms at sarcastic.
  3. Causing a burning or stinging sensation, as from intense emotion: "Most of all, there is caustic shame for my own stupidity" (Scott Tu row).
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The term caustic means capable of burning or being able to destroy a living tissue. Causticity basically in terms of chemistry means, the characteristics of a matter which causes decomposition, the deterioration of a particular substance.

In it's literally form Caustic means burning. A caustic substance can be of any type like an acid or a combination of solution of acids and bases which are of common acidic matter.

Sodium hydroxide which is also referred to as caustic soda is a common example caustic material. Caustic matter is generally very harmful to living tissues and human structures, though they have various other beneficial uses. Drain cleaners commonly use caustic material like NaOH to clear blocked drains.

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