What Does Gaseous Mean?


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The word gaseous means of , relating to,or existing as gas
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Gaseous is used to describe a phenomenon which is associated with a gas or occurring as a gas. The word can also be used as slang to describe something which has no substance or lacks strength. The word is an adjective form of the noun "gas."

In physics, gas is one of the three states of matter, apart from solid and liquid. A solid has a definite shape and a definite volume, a liquid does not have a definite shape (it takes the shape of the container) and a definite volume but a gas has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume. Unlike liquids, gases can expand to fill the container regardless of the size. Whilst cooling most gases liquefy and then solidify, there are some gases which directly move into the solid stage, bypassing the liquid stage in the process. The phenomenon known as sublimation is visible in carbon dioxide which condenses into dry ice. The behavior of gases under different pressure conditions and temperature, or their characteristic features can be also termed as "gaseous.

A volatile, combustible mixture of hydrocarbons manufactured from petroleum used as a fuel, like petrol or gasoline can also be called as "gaseous," in nature. A fossil fuel used for heating and cooking at homes is also gaseous.

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