What Does Distillation Mean?


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It's the process of boiling a liquid to steam, collecting the steam, then returning it back to liquid.
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Distilling is a purification process that involves first boiling water to the point that it evaporates and becomes a gas and then cooling it down so that it condensates and turns back into a liquid, at which point most of the impurities will have been eliminated from the water. Distilled water is so pure that it will no longer conduct electricity as it is the metal elements in the water that cause it to conduct electric in the first place.
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Distilled is the verb form of the term distillation. When liquids are separated through the means of their boiling point then it is called distillation and those liquids are said to be distilled liquids. It refers to a procedure where chemical substances are separated taking into consideration their differences in volatilities then that process is known as distillation.

A number of things are distilled for various purposes like purifying water by the process of vaporization and condensation, extraction of volatile liquids, air fractionation, solvent recovery, recycling, and production of beverages, flavours and food oils. It is the best method to separate natural gas, petroleum and crude oil. Thus it is very important in the current times. It can de divided into three groups namely laboratory scale, industrial distillation and food processing. The substances that have undergone the process of distillation are known as distilled products.

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