What Does Heterogeneous Mean?


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Heterogeneous basically means that which consists of components or constituent parts which are not alike or similar to each other. They are completely different in nature and aspect. It refers to a range of miscellaneous or an assorted mix or blend of elements. It is the opposite of homogenous, which means that all the elements are similar; all the elements in the mixture resemble each other. In a heterogeneous chemical compound, the elements in the compound retain their original properties. Where as, in a homogenous compound, the elements do not retain any original properties.

It also refers to something that has its origin on the outside of the human body.
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Heterogeneous means a mixture of two or more solutions which are immiscible or insoluble.
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It is a chemical reaction that contains substances with different states eg, a gas and a solid where as a homogeneous reacton involves a reaction were everything is the same state.

2NO(g) + Br2(g) 2NOBr (g) = Homogeneous all gases

SnO2(s) + 2CO(g) Sn(s) + 2CO2 (g) = Heterogeneous both a gas and a solid is present in this reaction

hope this helps :)
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One consistent sample, if the sample happens to be a complex molecule it is Heterogenous if the exists only one complex molecule present and there exists even spacing between molecules.

Even spacing is usually achieved by using a centrifuge.

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