What Does Caper Mean?


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A caper is defined as the unopened bud of a flower. These flowers come from the caper bush. Capers are usually prickled. They are known for the distinctive peppery flavour. The caper is used as an ingredient in the preparation of a dish called Light Chicken Piccata.

Caper is also a type of small berry that is mainly cultivated in countries that have a Mediterranean type of climate. The caper, like the olive (also a staple ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine), is usually preserved in brine and consumed in the form of a pickle.

There are many other definitions of the word caper. Capers include any plant that belongs to the genus Capparis. Capers are the prickled buds of the caper flower which are used as a relish in various dishes and sauces. The taste of these buds is pungent. A crime, especially a robbery, is also known as a caper. A caper is a playful jump, leap or hop or a light-hearted form of entertainment meant to amuse oneself or divert one's attention. It is gay in nature and done in a playful manner. A caper is a ludicrous or grotesque antic or act done for the sake of fun or amusement.

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