What Does Mayflower Mean?


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Mayflower is a name that refers to several species of plants that generally bloom in May. In Europe the Hawthorne plant is called as Mayflower. Scientifically these plants are from the Genus "Crataegus" under the Sub Family of "Maloideae", within the Family of "Rosaceae" iof the Order of "Rosales" in the Class of "Magnoliopsida" under the Division of "Magnoliopsida" in the Kingdom "Plantae". In North America the Hepatica, Maianthemum canadense and Trailing arbutus species of plants are called Mayflower as well.

Mayflower is also the name of several sea going vessels but most famously the name of the Pilgrim Ship that carried the pilgrims over. The Mayflower Theatre can be found in Southampton in England, The mayflower Hotel is a historic hotel in Washington DC's downtown section and Mayflower is the name of a town in the State of Arkansas amongst several other things.

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