What Does Astral Mean?


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The general definition of astral is 'relating to or similar to stars'. It can mean star-shaped. There is another meaning to this term. The meaning is given by theologists. It says that humans can exist in such a state that they can co-exist with death. The state is termed as supersuspension or astral state or astral projection. Anything that relates to such states is called astral. The science which deals with the study of astral is called astral science.

In an astral state, a person changes his awareness levels and goes into a non-physical plane. The occultists call this 'astral plane'. The person is called traveller. The traveller visits a totally different realm which is not real. In this state of consciousness, he may experience different environments. These may be dark or bright, fine and detailed or coarse and vague, beautiful or simple, artificial or natural and populated or unpopulated.
The travellers may get visions of the past and even future. Time does not exist in this realm and there is no explanation of its theories.

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