What Does Eidolon Mean?


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The word "eidolon" means a phantom or an apparition. It can also refer to something as being the image of some ideal. The word "eidolon" is taken from the Greek word "eidolon" derived from the word "eidos" meaning form. The word eidolon can mean an apparition, a shadow, a ghost, a spirit, a revenant etc.

The word eidolon can also refer to a number of other things as well. The word Eidolon is used in the Greek to refer to an astral double. That is a perisprit or shade of a human being. In Greek pottery one can come across the concept of Eidolon pottery which is the depiction of human beings with parts of animals. There is even a genus called Eidolon which refers to fruit bats. It is a term that has also been used in the realm of computer gaming.

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