What Does Break Down Mean?


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Break down can be used in different contexts. One of the meanings of 'break down' is 'to cause to disintegrate'. In literal sense, it could mean destroy. Example: break down the unity or break down someone's determination. Break down can also mean 'to become or cause to become ill'. This illness can be mental or physical. Example: If Helen keeps working this hard, she will break down very soon. Another meaning of this phrasal verb is 'to give up the struggle'. This means to surrender or to make something surrender to the circumstances.

When something breaks down, it fails to function. His means that thing is not effective or useful anymore. Break down also conveys that something has become weak. Break down even indicates dividing something in parts so as to make it simple. Scientifically, it means 'to decompose chemically'. This phrasal verb can also mean 'to cry'.

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