What Does Brine Mean?


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The word brine is a noun and has its origin in old English. This word is taken from the old word brīne. It generally means ocean water or sea water. Such a large body made up of salty water is also known as brine. This term is also applicable to water which has a high salt content. It is saturated by adding large amounts of salts. The salt used is especially sodium chloride [NaCl]. Such water that contains a lot of salt is used for preserving food. Example, the sardines were soaked in brine. This water is even used for pickling foods.

The verb brine is transitive and is used to denote an action of immersing, preserving or pickling, using water containing high amount of salts. Brine also finds application in pharmaceutical industry. Brine is used in the preparation of sodium hydroxide, chlorine and hydrogen gases by a process called chloralkali

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