What Does Inverness Mean?


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As a noun, Inverness could refer to: (a) A long, loose overcoat with a detachable cape having a round collar. (b) The cape of such an overcoat.
There is a reference to Inverness in literature, where Shakespeare calls Macbeth's castle Inverness in the play 'the Tragedy of Macbeth. As a proper noun, it could refer to a number of places. For instance, In Scotland there is the city of Inverness as well as the County of Inverness (which is also known as InvernessĀ¬-shire). In the United States of America, there is an Inverness in Bullock County, Alabama; in Shelby County Alabama; in California; in Florida; in Illinois; in Mississippi; and in Montana. In Canada, Inverness could refer to Inverness in Nova Scotia; Inverness County in Nova Scotia; Inverness (electoral district); and Inverness (provincial electoral district). There is even an Inverness in Sweden.
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The word Inverness conveys the idea of a kind of overcoat that is attached with a removable cape. The cape that is attached to it is also called Inverness cape. Usually capes of this kind are made of wool or worsted fabric and with a plaid pattern on them and mostly they are quite loose.

But the word has its fame not because of this meaning but a historic county located in Scotland that is known to the world with the same name is giving it the popularity. A district in the county is also known as Inverness. The district has proclaimed itself as the 'capital of the highlands' and is the administrative centre of the highland council area and also of the Inverness committee area Highland council.

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