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The first name Bailey origin is French and English. In French it means Bailiff and in English it means Fortification.

The last name Bailey is purely an English name. The person who were lived by the outer wall of a castle is known by this name.

In Lancashire it is habitational name from Old English beg ‘berry’ +
lēah ‘woodland clearing’.

The popular person with this name was James Bailey,  one of the
founders of Rowley, MA.
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Bailey refers to the open area inside a fortress or a castle. It is actually an open courtyard within the walls of the castle. It is also known as ward. During the middle ages this area was used as a space for the castle gardens. Depending on the size of the castle it may have more than a single bailey.

It may have different types of baileys like outer bailey, middle bailey and an inner bailey. Usually these castles are fortified and guarded. This area is also used for exercise, parade and emergency corrals. It is usually situated around the main tower of the motte and bailey castle.
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Police in a court present with the judge.
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English origin means bailiff,fortification, able.
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Bailey is often used as a first name for girls. It originates from French, and usually means bailiff.  And some people also have Bailey as surnames.
In the US, Bailey is not in the top 500 popular names, but it is not uncommon either.
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I looked it up here but I'm still not sure I think it is a fortress in a castle you know outer bailey iner bailey that sort of thing weird hu?!.
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Inm  french  it  means  courtyard   within  castle walls  or  steward

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