What Does Litigation Mean?


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The word litigation is obtained from the verb litigate. Litigate has Latin origin and is obtained from the word 'litigare' or litigat. The first part 'lis' or 'lit' means lawsuit and the second part 'agere' means 'to drive'. Litigation is a noun. The legal proceedings and process of contesting such proceedings is termed as litigation. Thus, litigation could mean a lawsuit. For example: a case that is in litigation. The example states about a matter that is undergoing assessment in a court of law.

Legal action, case, dispute, legal process, prosecution, contention, cause, trial, claim, suit, court matter, argument, evidence, petition, and proof are some of the words that could be used for litigation. It could also mean accusation, bill, presentment, contest in a court, indictment, citation and tribunal.
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A judges ruling to end a law suit without a trial, based on a matter of law and pleading is called what

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