What Does Vamos In Spanish Mean?


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It is the present tense of the verb ir: To go.  Why it changes from ir to a v word is beyond me but here it is:

  • voy= I go

  • vas= you go

  • va= he/she goes

  • van= they go

  • vamos= we go
And should one wish to say "Let's go!" one could say "Vamanos!"
I really hope that helps you sir...♥
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It is a conjugated form of the verb "ir", meaning "to go".  It means "let's go"! 
Example:  Vamos a casa! = (let's go home!)
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It can also be "We are going"
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Vamos is a Spanish word which means " we go" but it used mostly as "lets go".

like: Lets go, this place is a mess and this sales boy is very irritating; I don't want anything from here.

Have fun and enjoy blurting :)

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vamos means 'we go' but in general we say 'let's go' instead of 'we go'.
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