What Does Gaol Mean?


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Gaol is another term for prison or jail. Thus it is term used to refer to a correctional institution where people are sent if they commit any misdemeanour or illegal activities. Gaols are run by the government and the people sent to gaols are detained under the lawful custody of government. It is an old English word for legal confinement. It may consist of people convicted for their crimes or those awaiting their trial.

Gaol in its verb form indicates the act of imprisoning or confining people in a jail or prison. It is to deprive a person of his freedom for a mistake he has committed and take him into detainment. It is used to denote the locking up of someone in jail or prison. Imprison, incarcerate, lag, put behind bars, jailhouse, clink, slammer etc are the synonyms of the word gaol.

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