What Is An Emergency?


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An emergency can be like if someone stopped breathing or if someone is choking.
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An emergency is a situation in which harm to life or property or to a nation on the whole is perceived or has actually occurred and steps have to be taken accordingly to rectify the situation. The term is used in several contexts like in hospitals where there is always an emergency medical team comprising of doctors and nurses capable of handling any situation like attending a critically ill or injured patient. Certain professions are specifically created to deal with emergency situations like firefighters or riot police.

An emergency can also refer to an occurrence where the law and order situation deteriorates to the point where the sovereignty of a country may be in danger. In such a case the head of state can declare a state of emergency involving deployment of troops. Such a situation arises in case of a danger of civil war or attack by a foreign nation. Emergency can also be declared if the financial condition of the country declines and may involve implementation of special economic measures.

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