Explain The Origins Of The Surname Khan


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Well this is a very interesting question. Different people have different theories about the origin of this surname. But this is a known fact that this surname is usually very common in people who belong to the sub continent (Pakistan and India). It is also extensively used in by the people of Afghanistan. People in Bangladesh also use this name. it is a name which is usually used by Muslims but you might come across some Hindus as well with their surname being Khan.

Like I said people have different standing about the origination of the name Khan. Some people say it originated from Mongolia others say its origins like in India. Khan in Mongolian is said to stand for prince. According so some people khan is a title which means leader, chief or monarch. This is what it means in Mongolian and Turkish. According to the definition of most people Khan stands for leader of a tribe. This name is extensively used in central Asia presently. Some people also say that this name is a contraction of the word khagan which means khan of khans. Previously this was a title which was bestowed by Britishers of the families of the sub continent. For them Khan is a family name.

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