What Is The Meaning Of Relevant?


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The word relevant means pertaining to or connected with the matter at hand or under discussion. It comes from the Latin relevare which means to lift or raise up.

In context, it might be used like this:

'I don't think that bringing up your mother-in-law is really relevant to this discussion of bio-medical engineering Geoff'.

During the 1960's the word relevance (the noun of relevant) became a very important buzz word. What ideas were relevant to those times? People were socially conscious and so people talked about the relevance of ideas, political and social with other ideas such as racism, poverty etc.

In Law, something has to be directly related to the case at hand or it is considered legally irrelevant.

Irrelevant means having no direct relationship to the matter under discussion or at hand, it is the opposite of relevance and is also a term of law.

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