What Does The Surname Belton Mean And Where Does It Come From?


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Belton can be used as a surname or, much less commonly, as a first name.

It has its origins, like many common names in Middle English. This was the language, or rather group of languages, spoken in England from about 1066 onwards for the next 400 years. Middle English had many variations or dialects, some of which were spoken only in some areas of the country. Over the years Middle English changed and some dialects became more common. Eventually it transformed into Early Modern English which, as you can probably guess, was the precursor to Modern English, the language now spoken in Britain and America.

It translates approximately into Beautiful Town or Place, but another possible meaning is Place or town of the bells. So it would be the surname of someone from a beautiful town or place, or a place well-known to have bells. It could also be the name of an actual town or place of course - there is a Belton in several American states and also several more in England.

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