How Does "C'est La Vie" Translate Into English?


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This is a phrase usually accompanied with a shrug, as it means, "well, that's life."
Other common French phrases used in English include:
-- Que sera, sera -- "what will be, will be," or stop worrying about the future as you cannot change it.
-- a l'anglaise, "in the English style," frequently applied to cooking or architecture.
-- coup d'etat, "blow to the state," a takeover of power, usually by commoners.
-- tout suite, "right now."
-- je ne c'est quoi, literally "I don't know." Usually used as "He has that je ne c'est quoi," denoting an unknown quality.

-- noblesse oblige, "the obligation of nobility," meaning burdens the rich must fulfill to maintain commoners' good will.
-- coup de grace, "the final blow."
-- quel surpris, "what a surprise!"
-- fait acompli, "established fact," denoting finality.
-- au contraire, "on the contrary."
-- s'il vous plait, "if it pleases you."
-- sans souci, "without worry."
-- tant pis, "too bad."
-- c'est la guerre, "That's the way war is," or brutality is inherent in war.
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Que sera sera is an italian phrase

It's "tout de suite"

It's "je ne sais quoi"

it's "quelle surprise"

it's "fait accompli"
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Simple saying : It means : It's the life! Or such is a life! Sometimes we use it in pejorative way, to express that we have no choice.

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