Please Translate From English To Italian The Phrase 'Beautiful View, Beautiful Music'?


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The phrase 'beautiful view, beautiful music' translates into bella vista, bella musica in Italian.

The word vista comes from the root word vedere meaning 'to see'. In English the use of the word vista often has positive connotations without necessarily requiring an evaluative adjective.

Italy is a country with plenty of sights and attractions, with tourism accounting for more than 50% of the country's gross domestic product according to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Italy also boasts a wide spectrum of musical culture and heritage, and is considered seminal with regards to the birth of opera, classical music and sacred music through to the invention of Italodisco and synthesizer-based music in the 1970s and 80s.

Examples of great Italian sights If you're planning to travel to Italy and are looking for some breathtaking vistas, you could do a lot worse than visit the following places:
  • Villa Borghese, Rome
  • Ponte Vecchio, Florence
  • Bay of Naples, Capri

Great Italian music Although there is obviously an infinite amount of Italian music you can listen to, you may what to look up the following artists to get an idea of contemporary Italian music:
  • Ligabue
  • Tiziano Ferro
  • Laura Pausini
  • Vasco Rossi
  • Lunapop

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