How Do You Say "Beautiful Life" In Italian?


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The phrase 'beautiful life' is translated into 'bella vita' or 'la bella vita' in Italian. The phrase is used as the name of numerous movies, restaurants, and hotels, because it popularly evokes the theme of appreciating and enjoying life that Italian culture is known for. Another popular Italian expression that portrays many of the same qualities is the phrase la dolce vita or 'the sweet life'.

In English the expression 'the good life' is also commonly employed.

In Italian, any number of nouns can be coupled with the word 'bella' or beautiful to connote anything positive, without necessarily implying beauty, for example after an enjoyable football match players might congratulate each other by saying 'bella partita' which translates into 'good dame'.

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I also alway heared that phrase in one of the Hotels in Italy Greetings from
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The phrase "bella vita" translates from Italian into the English adjective phrase "beautiful life", with "vita" meaning 'life', as in the phrase "la dolce vita", which means 'the sweet life'. This root, brought into English via Latin, can be seen in English words like "vitality" and "vital".

Your phrases, with "bello/bella" (indicating a male or a female love, respectively), translate as 'beautiful love'.

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