How Do You Say 'How Are You Doing' In Italian?


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'How are you doing?' is one of the most important phrases to learn in any language, and learning how to say it in Italian will help you introduce yourself, express concern or even break the ice when attempting to chat someone up.

Come Stai? is probably the most straightforward translation, come (pronounced [com-ey]) is the Italian word for 'how' and stai is the second-person singular conjugation of the verb stare which means 'to be'.

With this phrase as a basis, you can add a number of additional words to the phrase to introduce a bit of variety to your conversations. For example, come stai facendo? is the equivalent of 'how are you doing?', whilst come sta andando? is Italian for 'How's it going'.
Come va? is another, more informal way of checking up on someone, and using tutto a posto? or 'is everything in its place?' will make you sound like a real native-speaker.

'How are you doing?' is one of the most often used expressions in Italian, as in most languages, and because of this, there are a number of variations on the way it can be said. It would be tempting, at this point, to make an analogy with the number of words Eskimos or Inuits have for snow, but unfortunately this oft-quoted allegation is something of a global misconception.
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No, "come state facendo" is totally wrong, it doesn't mean anything.

It is : come va?
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The translation of 'How are you doing' in Italian is 'Come stai facendo'. I suggest you to check different language translations from Google language tool.

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