How Do You Say 'Its A Wonderful Life' In Italian?


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'It's a wonderful life' can be translated into Italian as e' una vita meravigliosa.

Meraviglia is the word for 'wonder' in Italian and the expression che meraviglia! is often used in the same way as the phrases 'how marvellous' or 'how wonderful!' are in English.

Pronunciation of meravigliosa
The pronunciation of meravigliosa can appear slightly daunting, but is actually quite simple when you break it down syllable by syllable. In this format, it can be written phonetically as meh-ra-vil-yoh-za.

The main complication in pronouncing the word is in the lack of a 'y' in the Italian alphabet. (In fact the Italian alphabet also lacks the letters 'j', 'k', 'w', and 'x'- although they are used in loanwords.)

To get around this problem, Italians have a few different ways to replicate the 'y' sound. Most commonly, the combination of 'i' and 'u' as in chiusa (pronounced kyoou-za).

Another option, as seen in meravigliosa, is the use of -gli- which acts a lot like the lli in the English word million. Further examples of this are the words taglia (tal-ya), moglie (mol-yeh) and figlio (feel-yo) to name a few.

Examples of "e' una vita meravigliosa" in pop culture
La vita è meravigliosa is the Italian title of the famous 1946 film directed by Frank Capra, which was titled 'It's a Wonderful Life' in English. The name of this film is probably the most notable use of the expression in modern culture.

A similar phrase, La vita è una cosa meravigliosa or 'life is a wonderful thing' was the title of an Italian language film released in 2010 feauturing Vincenzo Salemme and Nancy Brilli.

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