How Do You Say 'Take It Easy' In Italian?


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Prendila alla leggera
Prendila alla leggera is one Italian phrase you'd use to tell someone to take it easy. The phrase actually translates to 'take it lightly', but is an option we would resort to because the word facile (or 'easy') isn't used in this context in Italy, so there is no direct translation.

Another popular way to tell someone to 'take it easy' would be  to use tranquillo (for a male subject) and tranquilla (for a female). The word tranquiilo enjoys substantial use in colloquial Italian, and appears in a number of contexts, a few of which are detailed below:

Chill out / don't worry about it
Tranquillo can be used in an informal manner to tell someone to relax or chill out. For example, if someone was appologizing to you for something minor like forgetting to return a DVD they'd borrowed the night before, you could reassure them that it wasn't a major inconvenience by saying tranquillo.

Calm down
Tranquillo can also be used in a more forceful tone to tell someone to calm down. For example, if a scuffle broke out between two men in a bar, you might pull one of them away and shout O tranquillo! to try and calm him down.

I'm good If someone were to enquire 'how you're doing', a cool and collected response would be Si, tranquillo which is the equivalent of 'yeah, I'm cool' in English.

Con calma
Con calma is another expression you might hear a lot and is used to tell someone to 'take it easy'.

The literal translation is 'with calm' and this phrase is often said during a tense moment, to try and instil a calm approach. For example, if you were getting into a vehicle with a driving instructor and he noticed you were looking particularly nervous, he might say con calma to try and reassure you.

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