How do you say i love you girl in spanish?


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To say I love you girl in Spanish, utter the phrase, te quiero, muchacha. It's really very easy to figure out how to translate English phrases into Spanish. In fact, there is a handy website, called Babelfish, that allows users to translate big chunks of text in just a minute of two. The url for Babelfish is:
Tips On Saying The Right Thing

  • Being romantic is one of the truly meaningful things in life; after all, we all struggle through days filled with mundane tasks, such as work duties, chores, errands, and family responsibilities. Sometimes, the stress and pace of modern life can feel like a big grind. To escape from the mundane, we turn to love and romance, which seems to make our spirits soar. Romance is magical and it is very powerful - however, it is always important to know when to say romantic words.
  • If you've never told a girl you love her before, you should not announce it publicly when you say it for the first time (whether you are in public or private). Instead, watch the girl and see how she is with you - does she touch you a lot? Does she smile and gaze into your eyes? Does she say affectionate things frequently, and call and text and email you on a regular basis. If a girl does these things, the chances are excellent that she is in love with you, just as you are in love with her. In this case, it's pretty safe to say romantic things in private, and see how she reacts.
  • If a girl avoids your calls, seems distant, and tries not to meet you alone, she may not be feeling the same way you do.
It's important to watch her body language and listen to what she says before you tell her you love her - if she avoids eye contact, doesn't return calls, and doesn't touch you frequently, chances are good your feelings are much stronger than her own. In this case, it's best to let the girl tell you she loves you first.
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Try this since its coming from a girl:

Te amo y quereo saver se quers ser mi nova?

and also listen to the comments before mine, you should watch her body langue

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You can say " Te quiero niña " in Spanish.

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