How Do You Spell William In Italian?


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The Italian equivalent of the name 'William' is Guglielmo (pronounced goo-yel-mo).

The spelling and pronunciation of the name may seem slightly un-Italian, and this is probably due to the fact that the name derives from the Germanic Willihelm, with the rather noble meaning of 'desire to protect'.

Notable Italian 'Guglielmi' The most notable bearer of the name is probably Guglielmo Marconi, who was recognized with a Nobel prize in physics in 1909 for his contributions in developing the radio. He was eventually honoured with the title Marchese, which is the Italian equivalent of Marquis.

In its English form, the name probably enjoys considerably more popularity.Well-known Williams who come to mind include:
  • Prince William
  • William Shakespeare
  • William Shatner
The English name William often appears as a last name (usually in the form Williams). This is an attribute that its Italian counterpart does not share.

Variations on Guglielmo Guglielma or Guglielmina would be the feminine form of the name in Italian, but is decidedly less common than its male counterpart.

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