Do you find cursing offensive?


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Jillian Peppe Profile
Jillian Peppe answered
It's like everything in life, "there is time and place for everything", and sometimes even for myself I will say a curse word, and I know it's not good or right too, but were only human trying our best.
Mike J Profile
Mike J answered

Certain words are offensive to certain people, I try not to curse because it does no good for myself or the people around me.

John McCann Profile
John McCann answered

Not unless it is directed at me.

Simone Smith Profile
Simone Smith answered
I agree with "jillian18" because cursing to other people or even to friends and family is offensive. IT IS RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!
Savannah Coltrain Profile
Well it depends on what manner you use it in. Like if you just say it bcuz you hurt yourself then it is okay, but not to hurt someone's feelings.
Michael Decker Profile
Michael Decker answered
Well duh... I curse you out and see how u feel... Then we will see if it is offensive or not... OF COURSE IT IS

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