How Do You Spell Michael In Italian?


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The Italian equivalent for 'Michael' is Michele (pronounced mee-keh-leh). This is often the subject of confusion for English speakers because it resembles the spelling of Michelle, which is a female name popularly used in English-speaking countries, the French version of which is Michèle.
The pronunciation of ch- in Italian
The main reason for the confusion between Michele and other European variants is the fact that the Italian language has a rather complex way of dealing with the lack of a 'k' in its alphabet. To replicate the 'k' sound, Italians uses two methods.

The best way to think of it is that 'c' is the letter always used to form a 'k' sound - but before the vowels i and e, an added 'h' is necessary. Examples are the words CHiara (pronounced kya-ra) and orCHestra (or-kes-tra). Before the vowels u, a, and o, 'c' will be pronounced as 'k'- for example, Casa (kaz-ah), Cura (koo-rah), Corona (koh-row-na).

Etymology of Michele
The name Michele, much like its English counterpart, derives from the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (or Mikha'el) which first appears in the Bible (Numbers 13:13), and is later seen as the name of an Archangel (Daniel 12:1) who is considered a saint in various forms of Christianity.

Because of its link to the Bible, the name Michele (and its international equivalents) are particularly popular in predominantly Christian countries.

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