What Does My Name Chloe Mean?


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Chloe is a modern name and means verdant and blooming. It also means that you are sensitive and creative but that you have idealistic qualities that can be expressed in many different artistic or literary arenas.

You are mentally alert and show great intuition when it comes to recognizing the feelings and thoughts of those around you, but you often find it difficult to express how you feel. Those with the name of Chloe are keen to understand other people but their skills at self expression tend to be limited and so their self confidence can take a beating, which can lead to mood swings.

Your name also instills you with the desire for harmony and refinement in your life and all that you do, and are surrounded by.

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The word 'Chloe' has its origin in Greek mythology where it conveys the meaning of a green shoot. Probably it is for this reason that the word 'Chloe' has been associated with the colour green and chlorophyll that is responsible for the green colour of leaves has been named as such.

The word 'Chloe' has also been used for the name of a baby and the meaning it conveys is that of blooming. Originally it was used in the classical period where the word was symbolising Demeter, the goddess of fertility.

You can find several variants of the name that have their origin in the word 'Chloe'. The names are Clo, Cloe, Khloe, Kloe, Cloey and Khloe and use of these variants depend upon the kind of society you are in.
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Chloe Means a true friend!
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My name is chloe and every chloe that I meet is very outgoing and tells you what you think ? That might mean something
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Chloe often pronounced as Kloh-ee or sometimes just Klo is a name of Greek origin and means 'blooming'. In fact the word was used to symbolize the Goddess of Fertility, Demeter in the Classical period with mention of the word being found in the Bible as well.

The name was commonly used in religious communities (Puritans) in Europe in the seventeenth century. It has also been used several times in literary works (tale of Daphnis and Chloe) often to depict a chaste woman. The different forms of the name are Clo, Cloey and Kloe.
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I think this anwer is really good, because it expalins alot. Well done. Keep up the good work!!!
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My name is Chloe too. I found out it means.. Pretty as a flower blooming or flower pin and very pretty flower it says. :) I hope you enjoy my answer
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Chloe is a popular female name. It is well known as a first name for girls. It is pronounced as KLOH-ee. This name has Greek origins and it means blooming. It is a derivative of Khloe and its variant. This word was initially used to denote or symbolize the goddess of fertility, Demeter. It is a name that is mentioned in the bible and also in many works of literature. Chloe was a very common name during the time of the puritans in the 17th century. Chloe is a very rare surname or a last name.

It also means green herb according to the bible. This name was borne by Demeter the goddess of agriculture and fertility. A character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is also named Chloe. There was also an actress named Chloe Sevigny and an entertainer called Chloe Webb.
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It means sexy and hot because my name is chloe and I get guys every night     :)(:
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I think it means someone who is very pretty and a queen because I know every Chloe is
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I think chloe means young grass(greek) or really out going but I'm not I might just be different from other Chloe's
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You really need to tell us what Chloe said in order for us to decipher its meaning for you...
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There are several answers to this question on Blurtit - you can find them if you type your question in the Blurtit search engine. There is a good example here.

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