What Does The Name Comanche Mean?


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Comanche is the name of a Native American tribe. Historically they inhabited parts of present day Southern Colorado, Eastern New Mexico, Southern Kansas, Northern Texas, Southern Texas and the whole of Oklahoma.

There is much dispute over where the name Comanche originates from and subsequently what it means. A majority feel that it is a Spanish corruption of the word 'Kohmahts' which is the Ute name for the Comanche people. 'Kohmahts' is also a word of ambiguous meaning. Some believe that it means 'enemy' while others feel that it means 'those who want to pick a fight'. Others are equally adamant that it means 'Those who oppose us' while still other people feel it means 'strangers'.

The name Comanche may have also been a derivative of 'Camino ancho' which means wide trail.

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