What Is The Meaning Of The Name Tausif?


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Tausif is a variation of the male name Tauseef in Urdu. It is spelled توصیف in Urdu. It means to praise or to be praised depending on the way it is used. The name Tausif is most commonly used in Pakistan, but it has been used in areas in the Middle-East as well. It is also sometimes exists as a surname. There are famous people with the surname Tausif such as the New Zealander poet, Wida Tausif. The most famous person bearing the name Tausif is a Bangala singer. Bangala music is a type of music popular in countries in South Eastern Asia. It is a subgenre of Carnatic music, a type of classical Asian music. Tausif does regular concert tours. The most recently released song by Tausif is Onukabbo, which was released in 2010.

Wida Tausif, originally from Afghanistan, was born into a well-educated family. Her poems are mainly about life in Afghanistan. She wishes to share Afghan culture in New Zealand and Australia. Wida and her family had to flee to Pakistan when she was a child before residing in New Zealand. Wida had to relocate yet again, this time to Melbourne, after the earthquakes in Christchurch. She has experienced several traumatic events, and she feels that her poetry provides an outlet for her emotions.

Tausif is beautiful name for a boy, and it can have several connotations. It can refer to the traditional Urdu meaning of the act of praise. It can also reference the famous music of Tausif, or the poetry of Wida Tausif. If Tausif is your surname, people may recognise the meaning of it. Tausif could even be used as a middle name for a boy. Despite the fact that the name is mostly used in South-East Asia and the Middle-East, it could be used as a name in other cultures.
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Its a old persian (farsi) name means promotion or accommodation. To recieve a promotion for doing something excellent.

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