What Does The Name Eve Mean?


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The name Eve comes from the first book of the Bible, Genesis, and was the name given by God to the wife of Adam, who was the first woman created. It is derived from the Hebrew verb 'haya', meaning 'to breath', and consequentially, 'to live' or 'to have life' as this the act of breathing was required for the act of living. Genesis 3:20 states that Eve was named this because she was the mother of all human life, and so the Hebrew word for mother comes from the same root. However, the name itself can be seen as meaning more than the verb 'to live' or 'life' due to a difference in the Hebrew letters used to form the two words. Because of this linguistic difference, Biblical scholars argue that just because the name was given to the mother of all life does not necessarily ensure it means 'mother of all life'. Instead, the name comes from Eve's connection to her husband Adam. Whilst his name denotes both male and female, her role was to bring the two together in order to create life. As a result her name means 'Gathering', as in gathering together the factors needed for humanity to propagate.
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Eve is an English variant of the old Hebrew name Havva, which itself probably comes from the word "hayya" which means "living" or "animal." By extension and because of Eve's role as first woman in the Bible story, the name is often taken to mean "the mother of all living things." Havva eventually changed into the Latin form Eva, and then into Eve in English. Other variants of this name include Evelina and Evelyn; though Evelyn may also derive from the old Germanic name Ava (of uncertain meaning.)
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The name Eve means life light.
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Eve is a female name meaning "Life". It comes from the Hebrew origin. It is a biblical name.
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I don't know this for a fact, but I would guess that Eve means "before".   As in Christmas "Eve," being the day before Christmas and New Year's" Eve " being the day before the new year begins.   Eve was the first woman made by God.  Therefore she was on the earth "before" all other women.  Make sense?
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The name "Eve" means Mother of all and I know for a face that it is not grass who every put that
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Be proud to be named Eve!  It is biblical and she was the first woman!
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First girl.
Most important girl therefore.
Everything a girl is suppose to be.
You cant call Eve 'fit' or 'hot'
Eve is so much more.
Eve is beautiful.
I dated an Eve. Woah.
Eves are amazing. Looking for another .
If you know or have an Eve , you are one lucky man.

hope i helped xx

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1. (sometimes initial capital letter) the evening or the day before a holiday, church festival, or any date or event: Christmas Eve; the eve of an execution.
2. The period preceding or leading up to any event, crisis, etc.: On the eve of the American Revolution.
3. The evening.
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Well I am called eve but I have no idea what the name actually means but it is a very nice name that's all I know!
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My name is eve too but i get picked on a lot cuz of the whole bible thing " haha ur called eve,adam and eve!!!! " they say........its jus upsetting!
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I'm called Eve and I have a twin brother called Glen. Whenever anyone finds out my name, they say 'Oh! Do you have a brother called Adam?' or 'Do you have a habbit of eating forbidden fruits and running around gardens naked?'. If they know about my twin they say 'Why isn't he called Adam?'  Why would my mum do that and call her twins Adam and Eve? I just say 'wow ive never heard that one before.' it really offends me and people don't have manners. I really hate my name now because its so short and spelled backwards its Eve! BORING! My mum has actually said to me she wishes shed called me something more exotic like Horatia! Please help me! What can I do because everyone laughs at me!

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