What Does My Name Matthew Mean?


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A very popular male first name, Matthew is pronounced MATH-yoo. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "gift of the Lord." In the Bible, Matthew is one of the 12 Apostles and the traditionally accepted author of the first Gospel of the New Testament. Nicknames of the name Matthew include: Matt, Mattie, Matty, Matej. Alternate spellings of the name Matthew include: Mathew.

Famous personalities with the name are; Actors Matthew Broderick, Matthew Modine, Matthew Perry, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Leblanc, Matt Damon; photographer Mathew Brady; poet Matthew Arnold; tennis star Mats Wilander.

Other variant forms include Madteo, Madteos, Madtheos, Mat, Mata, Mateo, Mateus, Mateusz, Math�, Matheu, Mathew, Mathian, Mathias, Mathieu, Matias.
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Matthew is a popular boy's name which is of Hebrew origin. It means something like a "gift of the Lord". It is taken from the Latin word "Matthaeus" which comes from the Greek word "Matthaios" derived from the original Hebrew word "Mattayyah" meaning "gift of Yahweh". It is also as per biblical accounts the name of one of the twelve apostles of Christ. Matthew is credited to have written the first Gospel that is a type of biography for the life of Jesus.

Matthew is also a popular surname, but as a surname it is spelt as Mathew with one t. It is a very important Christian name and hence it is found in other European languages as well. In Spanish it is spelt as Mateo, In Italian as Matteo, In Portuguese it is spelt as Mateus and in the French it is spelt as either Mathieu or Matthieu.
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Matthew is of Hebrew origin and means, Gift of the Lord.
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It means "Gift from God". It is my sons name.
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Gift of god
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I know there are webistes on the internet you can look it up there. I do not know right off hand without looking though. I believe it is a name in the bible if I remember right. I like the name.
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My husbands name is matthew and our sons name is michael....michael means arch angel which was one of gods angels and matthew means gift from god....they are both what there names mean and I love my husband and our son soo much!

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