What Does The Name Hadassah Mean?


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Hadassah was the original name of Old Testament Queen Esther, an orphan raised by an influential cousin, Mordecai. So what does the name Hadassah mean? It is Hebrew for Myrtle tree, or flowering Myrtle tree. In Jewish custom, the Myrtle represents a star, especially the morning star. Queen Esther was frequently referred to as the beautiful morning star. Some sources also prescribe the meaning of joy to the name.

  • Queen Esther
After being raised by Mordecai, Jewish orphan Hassadah was chosen by Persian king Ahasuerus as his Queen. She saved the King's life by telling him of a plot against him, overheard by Mordecai, who was honored for preventing the assassination.

After Haman, a prominent prince of the empire, was given special honors, citizens were supposed to bow to him. When Mordecai refused to do so, because he would only bow to his god, Haman planned to kill all Jews within the Persian Empire.

Esther prevented this by telling Ahasuerus about the plan and revealing her Jewish origins. This ultimately resulted in Haman being executed and Mordecai receiving further honors. The Jewish feast of Purim was established to commemorate this deliverance.

  • Kabalarian Philosophy
In the Kabalarian philosophy, the name Hassadah is associated with an appreciation of beauty in nature and the arts, music, drama and literature. According to this, individuals named Hassadah find relaxation and peace in this beauty, although it can make them over-sensitive.

Apparently, the belief is that bearers of the name Hassadah tend to feel and sense that there is much they do not understand; are sometimes alarmed at their thoughts and wonder where they came from; rarely experience tranquility gained through thinking and emotional control, as well as having an urge to be philosophical and self-expressive. Limited friendly congeniality could possibly lead to loneliness.
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The name Hadassah is Jewish by origin. It is from the Hebrew language and refers to the "myrtle tree" . It is a female name. It was the Hebrew name for Queen Esther in Old Testament.
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Hadassah is a Hebrew name...it was Esthers Hebrew name. It has two meanings: 1) a myrtle tree; 2) joy.

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