What Does The French Phrase 'Je T'aime' Mean?


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The French phrase "Je t'aime" means "I love you."

The verb "to love," or aimer, and has just as much weight in French as it does in English. If you wanted to make the distinction between being very, very fond of someone and loving them, you'd say "Je t'adore" instead, which translates literally as "I adore you." However, it's worth noting that the verb "to adore," or adorer, is used much more commonly in France than it is in English-speaking countries. 

To listen to the pronunciation of "I love you" and other similar phrases, see the video below.

Similar Phrases

  • Je t'aime bien - I like you
  • Jtm - Shorthand for 'Je t'aime.' Used in text messages and online, in much the same way that some people use 'ily' for 'I love you' in English.
  • Bisous - Literally, 'kiss.' Used instead of putting 'x' or 'xoxo' at the end of a text message or online.
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I don't think this is a name, as opposed to a phrase which simply means I Love You.
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As far as I know..it only means I love you..
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I'm french and I know it means I love you
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My Daughter's name is Jetaime and the name means I love you or the one I love ...french swahilli

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