How Do You Say Good Morning My Love In Tagalog?


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"Good morning" in tagalog is "magandang umaga" and the phrase "aking mahal" means "my love", so you would say "magandang umaga, akin mahal"

You can take it a little further by adding "pag-ibig" at the end to further express your affection for the person you are saying it to.

Other ways to greet your lover in the Filipino language are:

Good day my girlfriend/lover: "Magandang araw, ang akin kasintahan"

Good afternoon dear: "Magandang hapon sinta"

Good night sweetheart: "Magandang gabi kasintahan"

I love you: "Mahal kita"

Also have a look at this video where you can find out many more ways of saying "good morning" in tagalog:

Linguistically, Tagalog is an interesting language - because many of the words have their basis in Spanish. 

For example, in the image above I showed you how "Kumusta" is the word for hello.

In actual fact, it is derived from the Spanish phrase cómo está which means "how are you?". After the Spanish conquerors arrived in the Philippines, the local language changed dramatically in a relatively short space of time. 

Phrases like the ones mentioned in this answer are a great example of that "colonial" heritage.

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