How Do You Say 'Good Morning, My Handsome' Man In Italian?


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To say 'good morning my handsome man' In Italian the literal translation would be buongiorno mio bell' uomo, although simply saying buongiorno bello would probably sound more natural.

There are a few complications that arise in the translation of this phrase and which are worthy of a little explanation:

Buongiorno or buona mattina?
Firstly, buongiorno is actually the expression used to say 'good day', but the use of mattina (meaning 'morning) is not very common. The only time you'd really find buona mattina used is on early morning TV and radio programs.

Handsome Italian men
Italians don't actually have an exact word for 'handsome'. To reflect male beauty, you could use the word bello (which is the adjective 'beautiful' in the masculine form) instead.

The Italian word for man is uomo - so combining the word bello and the word uomo would give you bell' uomo as a translation of 'handsome man'. (The dropping of the final letter 'o' in place of an apostrophe in bello is due to uomo beginning with a vowel).

The only problem with translating 'handsome man' to bell' uomo is that it this phrase is not conventionally used. Whilst most Italians might fully understand what you're trying to say, they themselves would probably drop the uomo part and simply refer to a physically attractive man as being bello or (more colloquially) bono.

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