What Does Vague Mean, How Do I Pronounce And Use It?


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Here I'm giving you its meaning and how it would be pronounced. I hope it will help you. You've asked that what does the word "vague" means. And how can you use it. And how it is pronounced? First of all, it is a word of English language. And I'll answer your question in parts as you've asked it. Now the vague is English word and it has the following meanings; it means inexplicit, unrealistic, unreal, unclear, not clearly expressed.

So now you've come to now its meaning. Now it's turn to answer the second part of your question.So you want to know how the word "vague" is pronounced. It is pronounced as "vag" remember that it would not be pronounced as vag-yoo, because the letters "you & e" are silent in it.

Now the third part of your question is how to use it in your sentences. It is very simple when you come to know its meaning. You can see the following examples to understand its usage in sentences."I saw a vague outline of the building through the fog." Another sentence is "he provided me the vague information about that matter." I hope now you can understand it. And now you can use it. And you can make sentences with it easily.
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This is really helpful. Growing up I was never good at defining words. But this site was awsome and I will continue to get help from this site for now on. Thanks!
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I am grateful!thx for this site, many times i am in hardness in pronounciation of the word, but now i know that within this site, i can find evry answers i need..more blessings..ill be searching more here!
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Vague is pronounced "vaig" and rhymes with Craig. It means unclear, hazy, imprecise. For example, "I asked him where he was going and he just said 'oh, you know, somewhere over there'. I don't know why he was so vague".

People can be vague in answer to a question typically because they don't want to admit they don't know the answer, or don't want to tell the truth.

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