What Does A 'Dhcp Server' Mean And How Can I Use It?


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DCHP server is basically a server that employs the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is basically a set of rules that is used by some kind of communication device like a router, computer or networking adapter. It allows the device to obtain and request an IP address from the server which will have all the addresses.

A DCHP server will ensure all the IP addresses are assigned only once that is unique. In other words it will basically see that no IP address is assigned to a second person while the first client address is still functional. Thus the management of the IP address is done not by a human network administrator but by the server itself. There are many brands that manufacture these servers including Microsoft, Cisco, Vicomsoft and so on.
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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is abbreviated as DHCP. It is a set of laws that are used by a device such a router or networking adapter or computer. It helps to obtain an IP (internet Protocol) address from a server that possesses a list of addresses for assignment. Generally, when a DHCP- configured machine is booted, the DHCP client sends a query for a response from the DHCP server. This server replies to the DHCP client with an assigned IP address, DNS server, default gateway information and subnet mask.

Many firewalls and home routers are constructed to be DHCP servers for home connection. A DHCP can be as a substitute to a home router. ISPs (Internet Service Provider) use DHCP to allocate clients their individual IP addresses.

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