What Does The Word Insipid Mean And How Should I Use It In Sentences?


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The word insipid means lacking in flavour or taste, it can also mean bland or uninteresting. Using it in a sentence, one could say:

The meal that the chef prepared was insipid, the tastes combined to leave me hunger less.

One could also use the word like this:

The man found his new friend to be quite an insipid little fiend. This is suggesting the new friend is a bland little fiend. Although this might seem strange when compare with the use of taste etc, it is regularly used to refer to another person, which is obviously not a compliment because you are in essence saying that they are bland and without anything interesting about them.

The word can also mean dull, some synonyms might include:

weak, watery, watered down, plain, bland, mild, mundane, boring, dull, distasteful.

I suppose the word is not regularly used in conversation but like anything, that's a matter of taste or the decline of education.
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After the judges declared the chef's soup insipid, she added seasonings intensify the flavor.
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The food that we were served at the feast was insipid that it tasted like a pieces of wood.

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