What Does Pita Mean?


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The term pita is a noun which refers to a round, flat bread which is of Middle Eastern origin. This bread can be opened so as to make a pocket for filling. For this reason it is also known as pocket bread.

The term comes from the Modern Greek word petta, pita, meaning pie, cake, bread.

A pita is also a noun which refers to any of a number of plants belonging to the genus Agave. These yield strong leaf fibres. They are also known as istle. It may also refer to the fibre of these plants, which is used in making paper and cordage. In this sense of the term, it is a Spanish word, coming from Quechua, meaning to complicate, bother, discord. Pita is also the name given to a class of foods popular in Greek cuisine.
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In Gujarati, pita means Dad!

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