What Does The Word Prophecy Mean?


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Jesus is considered the "Pearl of great price" meaning no dollar amount can be placed upon Hiem.  He was sold out for 30 pieces of silver in order to fulfill Old Testament prophecy.  see Zechariah chapter 11: Verse 12-13,  30 pieces of silver was the cost of a slave in those times. And indicated a trifle amount.  It was yet another way to humiliate Jsus.  He is worth far more than any amount of silver or gold!
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One of the reasons also for the 30 pieces of silver it was the price of a slave for a lifetime so christ took that upon himself at death that you and I could become free from sin and death praise god forever an ever for his redemptive plan  jud009
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It is basically the telling of a message God has given you to tell.
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I just want to say this Judas's faith was not worth 3o silver pieces! He did not sell Jesus in that amount he sold himself and his faith!:)
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Truth about it is --    Judas wasn't as much at fault as even Jesus thought.  Truth of it is, his 2 older brothers - took him aside into confidence.  Then presuaded Judas, that if he loved Jesus - he would do everything that it took to make Jesus get the cross over, so everyone could be saved and freed etc...  They grew tired and wiery of traveling, and decided to get a younger spirit to do the dirty work, they couldn't bring themselves to do -- this is why he through the silver, cause he realized he had been lied too - and betrayed the one person he knew actualy loved him 100%  to the point where his heart broke and he hung himself from a tree -- this is the truth of this story, that unfortunately is still under a lot of investigation and critisicm ---   but its the truth.

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