What Does Prophet Mean?


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A prophet is a person who speaks or acts on behalf of God by divine inspiration. He is considered as an interpreter, proclaimer or spokesman of God who has the ability to reveal or interpret gods will and the future. Thus he can be called as someone who is the mouthpiece of God and stands between God and man to communicate to man the word of God.

Several religions like Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc speaks of prophets and their works. He is the formal representative of god. He has the powers of divination or channelling. In the previous times or the ancient ages a prophet was always a male. A prophet is also a religious reformer who has the will of god to make the essential changes in religion as per the time. Translate literally the word prophet means "the servant of god". The revelations made by prophets are known as prophecies
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This helped me with my h/w so I'll answer as well. A prophet is a messenger of god , someone who has been spoken to by him. They are people who get filled with inspiration to speak to the whole world about what the lord has told them, no matter how stupid or retarded they seem. They do it even if they know everyone laughs just so he knows that he has done god well.
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I will try to answer your question as best as I can. But I don't know much.
Prophet is a person( usually a man) who is inspired by God to speak for him. The church I go to they believe that there was prophet called William Marrion Branham. You can get a free book about him, who he was, and what he did. Go on google. Type in free william marrion branham books and click the first one. Order one it might take some time for the book to arrive, but once it comes you wont regret it.
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I happen to be a prophet. So I understand this. Basically I have feelings about whats right and wrong whats truth and whats not truth. I just know that god jesus and the holy spirit have blessed me and give me knowledge.

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