What Does Empowerment Mean?


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To enable, to pass on authority.
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Good Question! Many people use that word with the philosophy that giving money is the way to help an impoverished person: This is not true the Best way to empower a person/ or enable that person to lift themselves out of an economic bind is to teach them a skill, through school and community support, but more importantly, enable him to understand that he/she is wonderfully made by God and by serving him he will always there to help you when you are in trouble. The admonishment go you therefore and speak the gospel means go and multiply your skills and talents; His tithe which he has given... The one tenth..holy part which you must rest on in order to succeed and do all this by Loving God with all your heart, Loving your neighbour ad Recognizing through your enemies what he would not like you to be like. In this age of competition, recognized it a period when we get back to the Lord and serve him as is our chief purpose. With this knowledge we would be empowered to create and create knowing with all confidence that he is either behind, beside or guargin you from danger. This is true empowerment.

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